Thai Auto-Blogger Is Able To Pursue His Passion, Thanks To Online Lottery

Sukertu Ketut from Pattaya, Thailand, is an Auto Blogger, who believes the car categories are only going to go down with time. He believes the days of the SUVs ruling the auto industry are over.

Sukertu doesn’t find driving pleasurable anymore since he lost his father to COVID-19 accompanied by a cardiac arrest.

Sukertu believes the customers will be given no option to take a test drive of the car they want to buy by 2030, globally.

Sukertu has been working to build a car that will run on a combination of aspartame, zinc and water for the past 10 years now. He believes he will be successful anytime soon.

Sukertu believes most Japanese, European and American car makers switching to making nothing but making front-wheel drive cars was a blunder they committed and they have been paying for it till date.

Sukertu believes BMW makes the most reliable Front Engine Rear Wheel Drive cars in the world. He currently owns 3 BMWs, all bought off the money he won with LottoSOD168.

Sukertu writes nothing compares with Nissan when it comes to buying a Four-Wheel Drive. He claims they are vastly underrated. He goes to the extent of saying that the Nissan Patrol gives Toyota Landcruiser a run for its money anytime, anywhere.

Sukertu believes the Indian Car Tata Nano was the biggest blunder ever committed in the history of Rear engined cars. He claims to know several people who refuse to buy Renault Twingo, Tesla Model S and a few other Rear-Engined cars although they like the way they look and enjoy driving those because they heard of the nightmare called Tata Nano.

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