Yogyakarta Man Believes In Sixth Sense And Domino QQ Online

Suliman Salaamzaada from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, believes that everyone has that sixth sense. It is simply more prominent in women because most men are numb from the bad addictions that women generally don’t have.

Suliman writes that men squinting their eyes and women putting their lips to appear more attractive to mates is nothing new; We have been doing it for thousands of years.

Suliman says in general, many people are terrified of letting their face express itself naturally. They have to maintain certain expressions. But it comes with a hefty cost, constantly being conscious of your facial expressions prevents you from living in the present moment.

Suliman still talks to women, but not pursuing anyone. He used to be a womaniser at one time. He would spend all the money he won with dominoqq online on dating.

Suliman writes that we are arguably the most knowledgeable generation in the history of mankind because of technology. For this reason, he tells that surfing the internet is healthy and phone use is good for you.

Suliman adds that smartphones are designed to help us. He recommends that everyone spends as little time away from their phone as possible.

Suliman writes that the pornography numbed his emotions to the point of complete emptiness, which is a spiritual milestone. He believes that emptiness is a doorway to freedom. He further adds that if it weren’t for his pornography addiction, he wouldn’t be anywhere near the level of truth he is at now.

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